Student Org. Positions

Student Organization Board Positions Description 


** 1-2 hour/week commitment required**


President (**must have previously served as board member) 

The President will serve as the primary point of contact for the organization, leading meetings and overseeing the activities of members. The President may serve as the Senator, representing the organization at Graduate & Professional Student Government (GPSG) meetings. Additionally, the president will take an active role in leading Executive Board functions, consulting with the SDS GAs and advisors on an ongoing basis, assisting in the coordination of officer transition between terms, and promoting the organization within the university and community.


Vice President

The Vice President will work closely alongside the President. She/he will assume all presidential duties in the absence of the president, assisting in the execution of his/her duties and perform tasks as directed by the President or the Board. 



  • Keep accurate records of organization and university funds

  • Prepare and coordinate budget proposal to SDS leadership

  • Submit funding requests to GPSG or SDS leadership for various events coordinated by the SDS SO board 

  • Providing assistance to vice-president and program manager in the development of fundraisers

  • Attend mandatory funding workshops

  • Maintain a treasurer's book



  • Be an intermediary between GPSG and SDS SO

  • Attend mandatory monthly GPSG meetings (Spring 2020: Mondays from 4pm-5pm)

  • Re-register SDS SO with GPSG at the end of each school year 



  • Maintains accurate and complete records for the organization, including but not limited to:

    • Meeting minutes

    • Event attendance

    • Member/alumni database

    • Other records for organization activities

  • Prepare and distribute agendas for the meetings

  • Assist in correspondence with outside organizations 


Marketing Officer

  • Lead marketing communication

  • Organize social/networking events 

  • Managing online and social media presence on NinerEngage, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms

  • Create original promotional materials, including flyers, and social media posts

  • HTML/website management skills preferred 


New Student Liaison

  • Should be new to the program (first semester student) 

  • Serve as an intermediary between all incoming students and the SDS SO board

  • Promote organizational involvement among new students 

  • Bring project ideas that benefit the new incoming student body


Health Informatics Representative [2]

  • Should be in the HIA program 

  • Manage the link between DSBA and HIA departments 

  • Promote organizational involvement among HIA students

  • Bring project ideas that benefit the HIA student experience