Anjali Bapat

Name: Anjali Bapat

Program/graduate major: Masters program- Data Science and Business Analytics

Graduation Year: May 2020

Current Employer: Former (GoodRoads,LLC)

Position: Data Scientist

Anjali Bapat


What was the best part of your School of Data Science Experience? 

The SDS staff, especially Carly Mahedy, Josh Hertel, and Doug Hague. They’re extremely welcoming and are always willing to provide advice and guidance. 

I also enjoyed DSBA’s required internship program. It has pushed me to acquire real-world experience, where I successfully applied my academic knowledge to practical problems. 


What led you to earn a graduate degree at UNC Charlotte, and from the School of Data Science?

I chose UNC Charlotte because of the wide range of graduate programs and research opportunities. Being an international student, I was looking for a diverse culture and the University commits to that.

I chose to pursue a master’s degree in data science because data is essentially the new oil. SDS’s DSBA program has a variety of courses to choose from, allowing students to obtain a diverse skill set for almost any career path. 


What has been the best part of your academic experience so far? 

The ability to apply my data science knowledge through in-class projects, as this helped me get an edge in my career. This challenges critical thinking, whether it's searching for data or trying to solve research problems. I experienced a lot of great teamwork, where I learned so much from my classmates. 

SDS’s professors are amazing, many of which are highly experienced industry leaders. They’re an amazing resource to have both in and out of the classroom. 


How has your degree helped you advance in your career? 

This degree has helped me in gaining specialized knowledge. I have learned new technologies and data science concepts which have helped reshape my career. I feel confident and competitive in the job market after completing this degree.


What have you learned from the School of Data Science that has best prepared you for your career?

My favorite courses I took were Business Intelligence with Dr. Monica Johar,  and Visual Analytics with Ryan Wesslen. These courses are where students will gain the majority of their core data science knowledge, which will set them up to succeed in their careers. 

Additionally, there are other courses that have obviously helped me to better understand concepts and apply them in different domains with different data.


What lessons have you learned from your degree that you were able to apply on the job? 

Understanding the data, cleaning, manipulating, applying different modelling techniques, 

visualizing your data and results. 

The most important thing I’ve learned is how to tell a story out of your data’s journey.


What advice do you have for current SDS students?

First, give each project your all, as they have long-term benefits. You;ll be able to mention them throughout your resume and will be able to communicate your experience during job interviews. 

Second, Choose courses (DSBA has a wide range to offer) that can help you to tell your story and align in one direction rather than being divergent. 

Third, don’t be afraid to take a challenging course. You might not get A, But B is better alongside a great learning experience. 


Are you engaged with the community outside of work? Which organization or activities? 

During my time at UNC Charlotte, I was a graduate ambassador for the Center of Graduate Life. I also participated in a three minute thesis competition, which greatly improved my public speaking skills.