Wlodek Zadrozny

College of Computing and Informatics
UNC Charlotte
Computer Science

Education: Ph.D. in Mathematic, Polish Academy of Science

Courses Taught: Big Data Analytics for Competitive Advantage DSBA 6100, Modern Data Science Systems DSBA 6345


Dr. Wlodek Zadrozny joined the faculty of UNC Charlotte from the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. As a scientist at IBM Research, he contributed to a wide range of projects including semantic search applications, natural language dialogue systems/chatbots applied in banking and web sales, and the IBM Watson Jeopardy! project. Dr. Zadrozny has published about a hundred refereed papers, mostly on aspects of natural language-processing, and authored about sixty patents. He is also a recipient of the A. von Humboldt Fellowship, M. Waclawek Prize, and the AAAI Feigenbaum Prize. His research focuses on natural language understanding and its applications.