Josh Hertel

Why did you join UNC Charlotte?  

UNC Charlotte and the new role offered an opportunity to build and grow a new program. The opportunity to be a part of what was in essence a startup, was more than enticing for me.


Josh Hertel

Director of the School of Data Science, Josh Hertel is responsible for development and management of SDS initiatives. He oversees the SDS advisory boards, and coordinates academic outreach with our Fortune 500 industry partners.

Why did you join the School of Data Science? 

I joined the University as the Director of the Graduate Center in 2011. As part of my duties, I also served as the Graduate Program Director for the new Health Informatics PSM (Professional Science Masters). In 2014 with the launch of the new Data Science and Business Analytics PSM and the new Data Science Initiative I stepped into the newly created role of Director of the DSI.   


What does your current role involve? 

Currently my role is focused on day-to-day operations of the graduate academic programs. I oversee recruitment, placement, and community and industry engagement. I work with the rest of the SDS team to build bridges between the School, our community, and industry partners. We seek partnership and employment opportunities for our students.


What is most rewarding about your leadership in the School of Data Science? 

The two best days of the year are convocation and graduation. All of us in the SDS get to be a part of our students’ professional journeys, navigating the inevitable bumps in the road over the course of their studies, supporting them in their professional goals, and crossing the line for graduation. I could not ask for a more challenging and rewarding role.