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November 2020: COVID-19 Pandemic Severity, Lockdown Regimes, and People’s Mobility: Early Evidence from 88 Countries, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute - Dr. Jean-Claude Thill

October 2020: Amy Coney Barrett is conservative. New data shows us how conservative, The Washington Post - Dr. Jason Windett

October 2020: Contrasting Misinformation and Real-Information Dissemination Network Structures on Social Media During a Health Emergency, American Journal of Public Health, Dr. Shi Chen, Dr. Yaorong Ge, Dr. Siddharth Krishnan

August 2020: Content analysis of fake consumer reviews by survey-based text categorization, ScienceDirect, Dr. Sangkil Moon

April 2020: Interval estimation of the ruin probability in the classical compound Poisson risk model, ScienceDirect - Dr. Jiancheng Jiang

January 2020: Agent-Based Land Change Modeling of a Large Watershed: Space-Time Locations of Critical Threshold, Dr. Wenwu Tang




September 2019: Estimating deception in consumer reviews based on extreme terms: Comparison analysis of open vs. closed hotel reservation platform, ScienceDirect, Dr. Sangkil Moon

August 2019: Examining untempered social media: analyzing cascades of polarized conversations, ASONAM IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, Dr. Shannon Reid, Dr. Siddharth Krishnan