Top 4 Ways to Prepare for Fall

Friday, August 7, 2020

The School of Data Science’s bachelor of science in data science degree is the first of its kind in Carolinas’, and as the University prepares for classes to begin this fall, SDS is thrilled to welcome the first class of data science niners into our new, innovative program. Before classes begin on Monday, September 7th, check out our top four tips to help you prepare for a successful school year. 

  1. Take The #NinersPledge

As the fall 2020 semester is scheduled to begin in the midst of a global pandemic, we understand that it will take everyone to keep Niner Nation healthy this fall. The School of Data Science has taken the pledge to do our part to protect ourselves and our community during these difficult times. 

We highly encourage all data science niners to take the Niners Pledge and learn how they can stop the spread of COVID-19 on UNC Charlotte’s campus. 


  1. Get Organized, Ahead Of Time

Incoming students should expect a comprehensive course load that encourages active participation and organization. The successful completion of course work will be aided by the use of organizational tools and platforms, allowing students to map out various plans of success. Students should choose an organization platform (e.g. google calendar, planners, etc.) that best suits your needs to be successful in proper time management.


  1. The Right Technology Is Key.

Our coursework includes an introduction to basic statistics, computer and social sciences, and ethics surrounding data science. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the campus-wide implementation of social distancing guidelines, many data science courses will be taught in a combination of studio style, face-to-face instruction and online classes. We encourage all incoming students to review their schedules, as some course instruction methods may have changed to allow for necessary social distancing and reduced class size (helpful tip: students can adjust their schedules through Monday, September 14th). Incoming niners can learn more about fall 2020 classroom instruction methods here.

Students should also refer to the University’s updated policy regarding laptops and other forms of educational technology. In addition to this policy, we suggest that students have a standard pair of headphones with microphone capability for classroom use during virtual instruction. Finally, Students will be expected to be able to access digital classroom material and implement technology into class activity (e.g. screenshotting, screen sharing, vocal recordings, etc.) 


  1. Begin The Semester With An Open Mind.

An essential characteristic of a successful data science niner is an open-minded, flexible and focused mindset. With the current state of the world, the School of Data Science wants to ensure that students feel supported in their educational experience. Students are encouraged to schedule appointments with their assigned academic advisors as well as utilize additional University resources

As data science emerges as a new field of study at the undergraduate level, we are committed to providing the necessary resources for our students to succeed as leaders in the field. Students who are interested in the B.S. in data science degree can register for the first Data and Society course, DTSC 1301. More information regarding course material, syllabi, and student resources can be found on the School of Data Science website.